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VMware vSphere HA and FT – Troubleshooting

Below you can find the important Configuration and Operational errors that might occur with vSphere HA and FT and how to handle them. vSphere High Availability Error Messages This table lists some of the error messages you can encounter when configuring a vSphere HA cluster: Configuration Errors Operation Error Message Description and Solution Migrating a

VMware vCenter 5.1 – Installation Guide – Part 3

This is the Part 3 of our VMware vCenter 5.1 Installation Guide. To manage VMware ESXi 5.1, you need to connect to VMware vCenter server. Here we will see the installation of vCenter server with step by procedure. vCenter 5.1 has lot prerequisite stuffs that you need to do before kickstart of the actual vCenter

VMware vCenter 5.1 – Installation Guide – Part 2

This is the part 2 of our VMware vCenter 5.1 Installation Guide. vCenter Inventory Service: Vmware vCenter Inventory service is one of the prerequisites for vCenter server installation. It stores vCenter server inventory data and server application data. It also allows you to search the inventory objects across linked vCenter server instances. To install Inventory service,

VMware vCenter 5.1 – Installation Guide – Part 1

In last article we explained how we have to install ESXi. In This article we are explaining step by step installation of VMware vCenter Server 5.1. This article will be in 3 parts for ease-of-use. vCenter Server 5.1 can be installed component by component or simple install. We are discussing here how we have to

VMware ESXi 5.1 – Installation Guide

Here begins our series on VMware ESXi concepts in detail. In upcoming days you can expect many VMware ESXi related articles and lets start with vmware ESXi 5.1 Installation with step by step guide. If you want to install VMware ESXi, you have to satisfy certain pre-requisites - 1) Memory- 2GB 2) Hard Disk Space- 5GB,