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VMware vSphere HA and FT – Troubleshooting

Below you can find the important Configuration and Operational errors that might occur with vSphere HA and FT and how to handle them. vSphere High Availability Error Messages This table lists some of the error messages you can encounter when configuring a vSphere HA cluster: Configuration Errors Operation Error Message Description and Solution Migrating a

VMware Fault Tolerance – Interview Questions

Important Interview Questions on VMware Fault Tolerance - What is VMware Fault Tolerance? VMware Fault Tolerance is a feature that allows a new level of guest redundancy. It provides 100% continuous availability for applications/Machines. How do I turn it on? The feature is enabled on a per virtual machine basis. Right Click on Virtual machine at vCenter Server,

Citrix Interview Questions – XenApp and XenDesktop

Below Questions are asked in recent interviews. Answers can be found in our previous posts. XenApp: Tell me about your environment? Tell me your Roles and responsibilities? Size of your team? and your role? What is data collector? What happens if datastore connection lost? What are the challenges that you have faced in current environment?

Citrix XenApp Troubleshooting Scenarios Interview Questions

This blog covers the commonly asked Citrix XenApp Troubleshooting Scenarios during Interviews. The previous blogs discuss the XenApp Installation and Components Questions. What happens if datastore connectivity is lost? If the server loses its connection to the central data store, there’s no limit to how long it will continue to function. (In MetaFrame XP, this is

Citrix XenApp Components Interview Questions

Below are some commonly asked Interview Questions on Citrix XenApp Components. Our previous blog contains questions on Citrix XenApp Installation and upcoming blog will cover Troubleshooting scenarios. What is a Citrix Xenapp farm? Farm is group of XenApp servers where we are going to publish the applications What is a Data collector? Stores dynamic information,

Citrix XenApp Installation Interview Questions

Below are some commonly asked Interview Questions regarding Citrix XenApp Installation and Features. Upcoming blogs will cover Citrix XenApp Components and Troubleshooting Scenarios. Explain about your environment? For example: We got 3 farms and 50 Citrix Xenapp Servers, which consists 300 applications used by almost 2000 users. We are managing different versions of citrix environments,

Minimum Hardware Requirements for vCenter Server System

The vCenter Server system is a physical machine or virtual machine with access to a supported database. The vCenter Server system must meet specific requirements. Minimum Hardware Requirements for vCenter Single Sign On, Running on a Separate Host Machine from vCenter Server  vCenter Single Sign On Hardware Requirement Processor Intel or AMD x64 processor with

Changes in vSphere 5.x compared to 4.x

Below table highlights the major changes in VMware vSphere 5.x compared to the previous vSphere 4.x series. Service Console is removed ESXi does not include a Service Console. Many tasks can be performed by using vCLI commands in place of esxcli commands on Service console and also by using powercli ESXi does not have a

VMware vCenter 5.1 – Installation Guide – Part 3

This is the Part 3 of our VMware vCenter 5.1 Installation Guide. To manage VMware ESXi 5.1, you need to connect to VMware vCenter server. Here we will see the installation of vCenter server with step by procedure. vCenter 5.1 has lot prerequisite stuffs that you need to do before kickstart of the actual vCenter

VMware vCenter 5.1 – Installation Guide – Part 2

This is the part 2 of our VMware vCenter 5.1 Installation Guide. vCenter Inventory Service: Vmware vCenter Inventory service is one of the prerequisites for vCenter server installation. It stores vCenter server inventory data and server application data. It also allows you to search the inventory objects across linked vCenter server instances. To install Inventory service,