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Citrix XenDesktop Interview Questions and Answers

CITRIX XenDesktop Questions Part-1 In this Post, we are discussing interview questions with answers on latest XenDesktop components- What is Delivery Controller? The Delivery Controller is responsible for distributing applications and desktops, managing user access, and optimizing connections to applications. For redundancy purposes, a site should have at least two delivery controllers. What is Citrix

CITRIX XenApp Recent Interview Questions Part-3

Recently one of student attended interview on CITRIX XenApp. In this post, we are sharing all the interview Question with Answers. 1.     Tell me about your infrastructure and how many farms?
  We can explain depending on how many years of experience we have on Citrix XenApp. But For example, we have 5 farms where it

Citrix XenApp Recent Interview Questions – Part 2

We are sharing the recent interview questions and answers faced by one of our student on CITRIX XenApp - First question directly on How much do you rate on XenApp? Say like approx. 7 out of 10 On which versions you are working? Working on citrix XenApp 5, XenApp 6 and 6.5 What are the

Citrix XenApp Recent Interview Questions – Part 1

Please refer to our previous posts for answers to the below. Recent CITRIX XenApp Interview Qestions Tell me about your environment? What are the roles and responsibilities? How big it is your farm and how many farms you have? Averagely how many no.of users connected to your xenapp environment? What type of issues you are

Citrix Interview Questions – XenApp and XenDesktop

Below Questions are asked in recent interviews. Answers can be found in our previous posts. XenApp: Tell me about your environment? Tell me your Roles and responsibilities? Size of your team? and your role? What is data collector? What happens if datastore connection lost? What are the challenges that you have faced in current environment?

Citrix XenApp Troubleshooting Scenarios Interview Questions

This blog covers the commonly asked Citrix XenApp Troubleshooting Scenarios during Interviews. The previous blogs discuss the XenApp Installation and Components Questions. What happens if datastore connectivity is lost? If the server loses its connection to the central data store, there’s no limit to how long it will continue to function. (In MetaFrame XP, this is

Citrix XenApp Components Interview Questions

Below are some commonly asked Interview Questions on Citrix XenApp Components. Our previous blog contains questions on Citrix XenApp Installation and upcoming blog will cover Troubleshooting scenarios. What is a Citrix Xenapp farm? Farm is group of XenApp servers where we are going to publish the applications What is a Data collector? Stores dynamic information,

Citrix XenApp Installation Interview Questions

Below are some commonly asked Interview Questions regarding Citrix XenApp Installation and Features. Upcoming blogs will cover Citrix XenApp Components and Troubleshooting Scenarios. Explain about your environment? For example: We got 3 farms and 50 Citrix Xenapp Servers, which consists 300 applications used by almost 2000 users. We are managing different versions of citrix environments,

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Our dynamic One Cloud team wanted to provide a new unique experience exclusively to our students and this blog is a result of that. All our students will get access to this blog which contains regular updates, discussions, examples and interactive quiz to help in day-to-day administration activities and ace interviews. Stay tuned for more!