Citrix XenApp Recent Interview Questions – Part 2

We are sharing the recent interview questions and answers faced by one of our student on CITRIX XenApp -

First question directly on How much do you rate on XenApp?

Say like approx. 7 out of 10

On which versions you are working?

Working on citrix XenApp 5, XenApp 6 and 6.5

What are the new features in XenApp 6.5?

Session Lingering

Session Pre-Launch

Multi stream ICA

Migration Center

Single Management Console

What is the session lingering?

Session lingering prevents a session from closing as soon as the user ends the last published application in a session. It is assumed that a user’s may have closed the last published application unknowingly. Instead of logging off, the session is silently retained to provide very short startup times for future published applications.

How you are going to configure session lingering?

We can configure this feature with citrix policies for user level policies

What will happens if data store goes down?

If data store went down, users will access the XenApp farm with LHC on each xenapp servers

Is it LHC available in XenApp 6.5?

Yes it is available

I have only one data collector and if its goes down how you are going to troubleshoot?

We will try to make sure keep 2 data collectors in XenApp farm atleast and we will check what happens exactly with data collector machine and depends on the issue we will resolve it by restarting the services and XML service.

What is the difference between session reliability and keep alive ICA?

Session reliability helps improve the connection for users. The reason why we would use session reliability is if the users who access the XenApp applications are in a remote location with poor internet connectivity, wireless connections that might drop from time to time, and so on. What session reliability does is if the user loses network access temporarily, the session is kept active until the user reconnects and it does so without prompting the user for his/her credentials.

Keep alive ICA will prevent some connections from disconnecting. It is going to make sure the session is alive. Now, if the session is not active, in other words the user left home for the day and forgot to log-off his/her session, then XenApp is smart enough to know, that the session can be disconnected. It is worth noting that if Session Reliability is enabled, then Keep-Alive won’t work as Session Reliability has its own mechanism for doing this.

100s of users are not able to access the application how you will troubleshoot?

First we will check the network connectivity options

We will check the web interface servers and websites working fine

We will check the data collectors are working fine

We will check the licenses are available if the grace period not finished

We will check the xenapp servers are working fine

We will check the profiles is available fine or not

We will check all the use cases and resolve the issues by understanding what type of errors are getting by the end users

What you will do when licence server goes down and how its impact on the end users?

End users still access the application as we have 30days grace period

We will resolve by checking the licenser server network connectivity and licenser server services

What processes are running on client machine when accessing the citrix applications?

This could be the following processes running on Client machine.

  1. Receiver.exe
  2. Wfcrun32.exe (Citrix Connection Manager)
  3. Wfica32.exe (Citrix HDX Engine)
  4. Wfshell.exe (Citrix Shell)
  5. Concentr.exe (Citrix Connection Center)
  6. Radeobj.exe (If streamed application is opened)
  7. Pnamain.exe

What are the requirements to access the applications offline by user?

By Install Offline plugin we can access the application in offline

Do you have any questions to ask me?

Its depends on the persons, we can ask him what kind of infrastructure and farms they have and whats the exact roles and responsibilities and etc.,


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