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Comparison between VMware vSphere 6 and Microsoft Hyper-V 2012 R2

VMware released the vSphere 6 recently, so let’s compare Key features/Scalability between vSphere 6 and Microsoft Hyper-v 2012 R2 Features/Resource Scalability VMware vSphere 6   Microsoft Hyper-v 2012 R2 Physical Memory(RAM) Per Host 12TB 4TB Physical CPU’s  Per Host 480 320 Max. Virtual Machines Per Host 2048 1024 Max. Virtual Machine Memory(RAM) 4TB 1TB  Nested

VMware vSphere Client vs vSphere Web Client

Since VMware introduced the vSphere Web Client there are regular interview questions or use cases for the vSphere Client vs vSphere Web Client. In every organization they will use both clients depending on the work requirements. In this post, we will discuss about various features which are available for the two different clients for accessing/managing

Useful Software for Professional / Personal Use

Here is a generic fun post for our readers. Below are some software that help self-manage at home and also useful for enterprise level. Virtualization Software’s for desktops a)    VMware Workstation for Windows and Linux desktops b)    Microsoft Hyper-V in Windows 8 c)    VMware Fusion for Apple Mac-OS d)    Oracle Virtual Box Accessing the Windows

VMware Recent Interview Questions – Part 2

One of the students attends the interview recently and came with these questions, its pleasure to provide the answers to these questions and it helps to many people. How many ESXi hosts u have in ur organization? Or size of your infrastructure? It depends on your experience or organization, for example I can say we

Troubleshooting Network Related Issues

This post will discuss about troubleshooting the network related issues. Once you read this post and understand, it’s very easy to apply these steps when you are working with network troubleshooting issues. Eight steps to successful troubleshooting of networking issues: 1. Identify the exact issue or problem. 2. Recreate the problem if possible. 3. Localize

The Perfect Job Interview In 6 Simple Steps

Something non-technical and more behavioral for all our students facing Job Interviews - When interviewing for a new position, we want to do everything possible to ensure it goes well. Breath mints? Check. Resumes? Check. Firm handshake? Check. But a great job interview starts days before you ever arrive at the office. Follow these simple

Minimum Hardware Requirements for vCenter Server System

The vCenter Server system is a physical machine or virtual machine with access to a supported database. The vCenter Server system must meet specific requirements. Minimum Hardware Requirements for vCenter Single Sign On, Running on a Separate Host Machine from vCenter Server  vCenter Single Sign On Hardware Requirement Processor Intel or AMD x64 processor with