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VMware vSphere Client vs vSphere Web Client

Since VMware introduced the vSphere Web Client there are regular interview questions or use cases for the vSphere Client vs vSphere Web Client. In every organization they will use both clients depending on the work requirements. In this post, we will discuss about various features which are available for the two different clients for accessing/managing

Key features and configuration maximum differences between vSphere 5.5 & vSphere 6

VMware vSphere® 6.0 introduces many enhancements to VMware vSphere Hypervisor, VMware virtual machines, VMware vCenter Server™, virtual storage, and virtual networking. Some of the key configuration maximum differences between vSphere  5.5 and vSphere 6 are as below - Features vSphere 5.5 vSphere 6 Physical RAM per host 4 TB 12 TB Physical CPUs per host