Citrix XenDesktop Interview Questions and Answers

CITRIX XenDesktop Questions Part-1

In this Post, we are discussing interview questions with answers on latest XenDesktop components-

What is Delivery Controller?

The Delivery Controller is responsible for distributing applications and desktops, managing user access, and optimizing connections to applications. For redundancy purposes, a site should have at least two delivery controllers.

What is Citrix StoreFront?

StoreFront authenticates users to XenDesktop 7.x sites and manages stores of desktops and applications that users access using Citrix Receiver.

What is Citrix Studio?

 Studio enables you to configure and manage your XenDesktop deployment. Studio provides various wizards to guide you through the process of setting up your environment, creating your desktops, and assigning desktops to users.

What is Citrix Director?

Director is a Web-based tool that enables IT support and help desk teams to monitor the performance of the XenDesktop environment over time, troubleshoot issues before they become system-critical, and perform support tasks for end users.

What is Citrix Receiver?

Receiver provides users with self-service access to resources published on XenDesktop servers.

Explain the difference between Citrix Xen desktop virtualization and Xen server?

Citrix Xen Server provides Server Virtualization that enables to run multiple operating systems on single platform. Whereas Citrix Xen Desktop provides Desktop Virtualization that gives on demand services for client operating systems and other applications accessed from any device and any user from(hosted in) the datacenter.

Do you know what all elements could be packaged as images and then can be deployed on datacenter in Citrix Xen Desktop?

In order to get a new business startup quick and running, the elements like OS, Applications & User profiles can be packaged as single images and then deployed on datacenters. This process dynamically assembles desktops for each user. These images are maintained by administrators and according to the user tasks these images are deployed.

What is VDA? Where you are installing it?

VDA is the Virtual delivery agent to act as Master images. We will install either on Client OS or Server OS to build machine catalogues.

How you can put the virtual desktop in maintenance mode?

In studio, we have option in catalogues to put a specific desktop in maintenance mode.

Which kind of scenario you are putting a desktop into maintenance mode?

If we are updating anything or making any changes on virtual desktop or master image, we will put into maintenance mode.

Tell us what you know about Single Instance Management?

A Single Instance Management is referred as a task to apply updates and packages just once that is on the images that are maintained by the administrators. This means less storage is required to handle desktop in datacenter. This provides easy to manage features to the maintainers or administrators of the IT departments.

If end user unable to launch Desktop, how you can resolve it/What might be the reasons?

First of all we need to check whether do we have available virtual desktops in our delivery group or not, if not can we add it from catalog.

Virtual desktop VDA registered or not with our catalog. If not we need to fix the issue.

If it’s everything fine, we need to add the more virtual desktop into pool and provide to the end users.

What is the port number SQL server database communication with delivery controller?


Do you know what is the use with desktop virtualization?

Desktop virtualization provides optimizations techniques to deliver the applications, data and desktop environment to the users. It further provides the security by managing all the applications and desktop systems at one place. It manages and updates different static desktop images from one place and allows the customization of applications to provide high performance, security and portability to each user.

What is Machine Creation Services?

Machine Creation Services will helps to create multiple virtual desktops in Xendesktop environment from Master images.

What is the three phase approach to desktop virtualization?

The three phases provided by Citrix Xen is as follows:
• Assess: This is a phase where the user groups gets profiled and prioritized according to the applications they are using. The decision of ordering and user segments virtualization takes place.
• Design: in this stage a process to create a detailed design will be included using the networking concept. It will include active directory, storage and image manipulation. This will be the phase where all the requirements will be finalized before install.
• Deploy: In this stage the xen desktop virtualization will be installed, tested and deployed according to the design.

Does Citrix Xen Desktop support global or public access?

Citrix Xen Desktop can be accessed globally from anywhere at any time and any device.

What kind of flexcast delivery models is available in xendesktop?

FlexCast allows IT to tailor the type of virtual desktop to the performance, security, and flexibility requirements of each end user. The FlexCast virtual desktop models are:

  • FlexCast for Apps: Allows any Windows application to be centralized and managed in the data center hosted either on multi-user terminal servers or virtual machines.
  • Local Virtual Machine/remote machine: Extends the benefits of centralized, single-instance management to mobile workers who need to use their laptops offline. This model is ideal for knowledge workers mobile workers, and external workers.
  • Streamed VHD: Uses the local processing power of rich clients, while providing centralized single-image management of the desktops.
  • Hosted VDI: Offers a personalized Windows desktop experience, typically needed by office workers, which can be securely delivered over any network to any device.
  • Hosted Shared: Provide a locked-down, streamlined and standardized desktop with a core set of applications, which is suited for end user groups in which personalization is neither needed nor allowed.

Does Citrix Xen Desktop work if its offline?

Citrix Xen Desktop works very well online as well as offline. Suppose the Xen Desktop streamed a desktop application on a client machine and suddenly the network is disconnected that does not allow further access to network. In this case the application streamed as a virtual desktop will run very well as if it has never been disconnected.

Please tell me does Citrix Xen Destop application need to run on Local Desktop?

Citrix Xen Desktop need not run on a desktop but a client applet for desktop is required to be installed at client-side. The whole functionality is orchestrated through a centralized Server. The technology is simple and follows modern and virtualized client-server architecture. Thus it is a model of cloud computing architecture.

Tell me what is HDX technology given by Citrix Xen Desktop solution?

The HDX technology is coined for term High Definition User Experience. This technology provides flexible compatibilities to multimedia devices and software as Flash, Audio, Video, USB, 3D graphics applications. This compliance ensures a fast and reliable experience through Citrix Xen Desktop throughout the usage.

Please explain some security features in Citrix Xen Desktop?

Citrix Xen Desktop comes with an integrated hardened SSL VPN with advanced, policy-based access control lets you give users encrypted access to desktops, applications, and valuable intellectual property from anywhere while eliminating the risk of data theft or loss. Centralized data control provides high security compliance.

What hypervisors/hosting resources are compatible with Xendesktop 7.5?

  • XenServer 6.5, 6.2 SP1 plus hotfixes 6.1
  • VMware vSphere. No support is provided for vSphere vCenter Linked Mode operation.
    • VMware vSphere 5.5 Update 1, 2, .
    • VMware vSphere 5.1 Update 2
    • VMware vSphere 5.0 Update 2
  • System Center Virtual Machine Manager – Includes any version of Hyper-V that can register with the supported System Center Virtual Machine Manager versions.
    • System Center Virtual Machine Manager 2012, SP1, R2
  • Amazon Web Services (AWS)
  • Citrix CloudPlatform

Do you know what is On-demand Apps feature in FlexCast Delivery?

The On-demand Apps feature in FlexCast delivery is a feature provided by Citrix Xen Desktop to deliver software applications on a client request for usage. These applications are packaged as images which are isolated and independent to the compatible hardware. On-demand applications could be like a Microsoft office application running on Linux machine.

Can you explain what the use with NetScaler devices in  citrix infrastructure?

The Netscaler technology resolves issues of low speed internet and low bandwidth that needs to stream a desktop from a centralized server. This provides slow streaming compliance on the virtualization solution to provide optimum support and feature on the client machine.

How can you assign the desktops to Users?

By creating delivery groups, we will assign the desktops to end users/group.

What are the editions are available in Citrix Xen desktop addition?

Citrix Xen Desktop virtualization comes in different editions
1. Express edition- this is the edition which is a trial version and user can use it for 10 days. It has limitation as well on the usage.
2. VDI (virtual desktop interface) provides scalability and also virtual desktops using the client-server model.
3. Enterprise edition- it has all the tools available for customization and it is a cost-effective platform that provides flexibility, scalability and delivery of applications without any hassles.
4. Platinum edition- it is a complete package to deliver full performance monitor, Qos capabilities and services for end-to-end delivery. It has support for virtual desktop support.

How you can differentiate Desktop Virtualization different from Application Virtualization?

Desktop virtualization is to provide the desktop operating system and applications to the users and accessed from the datacenter, whereas application virtualization only application can accessed to the users from the datacenter.

Can you explain what are the features of Citrix Xen Desktop Virtualization?

Citrix Xen provides high end functionalities to the user for desktop virtualization. It also provide the following features such as:
• High definition user experience: it provides high end multimedia graphics, real time collaborations and connectivity through peripherals. It provides breadth and depth for easy viewing of high end 3D graphics.
• FlexCast: provides fast delivery of the new technology that enables the delivery of hosted models to meet the requirement of the users.
• On demand apps: citrix provide the provision for on demand application to the users. It also provides the provision to manage the functionalities of applications on virtual desktops.


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