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Advantage One Cloud

Owing to the dramatic and performance enhancing advancements in IT along with today’s changing business dynamics, there is a need for change in assessment of the value of Datacenter to the organizations. The key to achieving high business value from the Datacenter under this new paradigm is standardization, modularity and scalability, which improves reliability and availability of the infrastructure and optimizes Total Cost of Ownership (TCO). One Cloud’s experienced team provides consulting and implementation services which ensure highest uptime, scalability and other state of the art features like redundancy, optimized power management, etc. We help design and manage data centers across heterogeneous platforms and support these with global hosting capabilities. Our solutions optimize and consolidate the data center and its resources, leading to improved service levels and reduced cost of ownership.

Whether you are planning a new datacenter or expanding, redesigning, optimizing or relocating an existing datacenter, our consultants and certified subject matter experts will help implement industry standards and best practices across the full datacenter lifecycle. One Cloud undertakes complete Data Center Lifecycle Management that includes –

  • Assessment of selected Site and needs
  • Evaluation of risks involved
  • Design Services
  • Validation of third party designs
  • Consultancy and design architecture
  • RFP creation and proposal evaluations
  • BCP & DR recommendations
  • Project management
  • Execution
  • Construction services
  • Installation and integration of Electricals
  • Installation and integration of Precision Air conditioning
  • Installation and integration of Access control
  • Installation and integration of Fire alarm
  • Relocation
  • Consolidation
  • Data Center Architecture planning and design services
  • Industry standard Rack solutions
  • Uninterrupted Power Supply and management solutions
  • Data Center Cabling solutions
  • Air Conditioning and Cooling Solutions
  • KVM Switches
  • Physical Access Control Solutions
  • Fire Suppression Systems
  • Raised Platforms and other civil work services

Datacenter Design

One Cloud’s highly experienced team of professionals provides comprehensive audit & assessment services to evaluate the client’s Data Center setup. Our certified experts will evaluate the existing data center architecture, technology, security & the overall governance setup to identify gaps in current state architecture and provide recommendations for remediation, both physical and functional. We provide strategic, operational and performance analysis of the datacenter setup using a combination of tools, technologies and governance processes. We address every aspect of our clients’ mission critical facilities. With the client’s unique findings in mind, we create a master data center construction design and build plan that meets your needs, budget and timeframe. We provide design options for each sub-system with rough order of magnitude (ROM) pricing, benefits and redundancy features. This flexibility helps budgeting process, and enables value-added decision making at the earliest stages of the project and throughout its implementation.

Datacenter Implementation

With One Cloud’s extensive experience in data center design and build, integrated project plans, and highly qualified build teams, our project plans ensure that tasks are completed in order and within the timeframes designated for each. Throughout the data center installation project, we are vigilant in our safety, and quality practices. Moreover, we schedule our installations to minimize disruption to your day-to-day operations. Our implementations are undertaken by resources having cross domain knowledge and experience on large & complex environments. We apply industry benchmarks and best practices gained from designing and building data centers from ground up to provide power, cooling and security requirements. We aim to attain highest level of energy efficiency through design aspects such as raised floors and efficient cooling and heat flow. Part of our extensive datacenter commissioning program is that we educate the client why certain operations are key to being comfortable with and to create a confidence with full operation. Our technicians, electricians, mechanical engineers and commissioning supervisors, pride themselves on completing full, extensive and comprehensive checks. A complete record of the commissioning and testing procedure is provided upon completion and pre operation.

Datacenter Management

Post design, build and commission of a data center, One Cloud offers Management services designed to keep the client’s electrical, mechanical and infrastructure data center system working for years to come with a minimized possibility of down time.

An overview of the Management solutions undertaken by One Cloud are listed below:

  • Servers Hardware and Operating System Management & Support
  • Mail and Messaging Management
  • Electrical: UPS, Batteries, Generators, Switches etc
  • Mechanical: CRAC, CRAH, Chillers, Cooling Towers, Pumps, Belts etc
  • Application Support
  • Database Management
  • Backup & Restoration Management
  • Storage Management: NAS, DAS, SAN
  • Security & Anti-virus Management
  • Remote Monitoring, Support & Troubleshooting
  • Virtualization Management: Server, Storage and Desktop
  • Disaster Recovery Site Services & Availability
  • Business Continuity Monitoring & management
  • Contracts & Vendor Management
  • Asset Lifecycle Management
  • Environmental Control & Audit
  • Power Management

Datacenter Optimization

As enterprises seek to optimize their IT functions, the focus is on ensuring the alignment of IT with business goals. The highest impact of these changes is typically felt in the data center, as it struggles to keep pace with emerging technologies and changing business demands while dealing with issues pertaining to efficiency. Data Center Optimization Services aim at maximizing data center assets in enterprises and help gain a firm control of resources, reduce complexity, and improve data center performance. We optimize data centers by locating servers with low utilization, recognizing devices that consume the most power, space and heat; and correlating those devices to the applications and business services they support. One Cloud automates standard activities within the data center, thereby significantly reducing delivery time and costs. Through optimization, businesses can achieve –

  • Minimized risk and cost with fast non-disruptive migrations
  • Reduced data center footprint
  • Maximized LAN/WAN bandwidth
  • Optimized application performance
  • Simplified management through asset consolidation and shared resources
  • Increased flexibility due to network, server, and storage utilization
  • Optimized energy consumption to achieve green IT data center objectives
  • Detailed documentation for migration
  • Reduced cabling cost with standard and consistent rack design

Datacenter Virtualization

Data center virtualization is a key concept with respect to automation and for the transformation to a service-oriented infrastructure. Virtualization of a data center allows for the decoupling of applications and the data from the physical resources they run on, allowing data center services to be executed more efficiently. Hardware intensive applications can now be run with ease, as the reliance on expensive hardware is decreased. Virtualization in effect greatly reduces your fixed and operational expenses because now you don’t need to spend a huge amount on buying expensive equipment. Virtualization of Datacenters helps achieve lower total cost of ownership (TCO), improved resilience and greater agility.

One Cloud has virtualized many datacenters achieving reduced operating costs. Our skilled and certified experts will help virtualize your datacenter infrastructure using industry standard products from Microsoft, VMware and Citrix. We help you strategically plan and implement the move into a virtual datacenter. Contact Us to know more about how we can help your organization undertake Datacenter Virtualization.

Datacenter Relocation

A successful data center move, big or small, requires experience, planning and coordination. It also includes knowing what is important to you. One Cloud takes the time to review and understand your relocation needs and build a customized move strategy that best meets your objectives. We can help with all of your data center relocation needs and reduce your moving costs substantially. Our datacenter relocation services include –

  • Gather and Analyze data driving the relocation strategy
  • Site audits of current and future locations
  • Plan to minimize downtime and risk
  • Analyze opportunities for virtualization and cloud computing
  • Perform application benchmarks to accurately simulate post-move performance
  • Proper shutdown of servers and datacenter
  • Proper de-installation of servers and datacenter
  • Complete shipping preparation and transport of servers and peripherals
  • Installation of equipment in new location
  • Power up and resolution of any server hardware issues
  • Document all relocation procedures and obstacles for reference