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Advantage One Cloud

One Cloud has the expertise, past performance, and resources to provide comprehensive services, from design concepts to implementation strategies on a broad range of hardware and software application platforms. With our rich experience and expertise in varied technologies throughout all the layers of an IT infrastructure, we bring to the table comprehensive consulting services. Our consulting and analysis services enable you to utilize our domain expertise for a number of requirements. We help review your business and/or operational requirements, provide the right choice of technology solution and engage with prospective vendors. We also help in gaining assurance about the legal implications, agreeing upon product qualifications in terms of suitability, reviewing the performance of the budget and availing budget support services. We evaluate your current business needs and map it to your business goals, thus providing you with the appropriate technology objectives and framework.

One Cloud consulting assures you of:

  • Accelerated time-to-market
  • Professional inputs, decisions and outputs
  • Right resource to make right decision
  • Solutions aligned to the business needs

Audit and Review

One Cloud’s technology audit and review services make us a reliable partner who will study facts, review them against expectations and provide the necessary inputs to align with your business requirements and industry best practices. Whether it is the audit and review of a single solution / integrated complex data center, or the audit of organizational processes and industry best practices - our clients can count on us. We have prior experience conducting IT infrastructure, data center, information security, service management and compliance audits and reviews. Contact Us to leverage the One Cloud advantage for your organization’s Cloud Audit and Review.

Strategy and Advisory

One Cloud brings our experience from cloud and virtualization implementations of varying scale to work with team to develop a strategy, roadmap and business case. We help realize the full potential of the cloud and virtualization for your organization. We have an in-depth understanding of the principal cloud computing technologies and have extensive experience in the leading cloud platforms. Our solutions help clients achieve time to market with effective cost. Our structured framework to analyze your current portfolio of applications will help you identify the right candidates for the Cloud. We will involve the CXOs, IT Managers and the key stakeholders to understand your business priorities to arrive at a detailed roadmap of Cloud adoption in your enterprise. Contact Us to leverage the One Cloud advantage for your organization’s Strategy and Advisory needs.

One Cloud offers full Enterprise Architecture (EA) assessment and planning to support diverse goals ranging from cross-entity consolidation to growth strategies. Our team will conduct detailed analysis of bottlenecks and performance gaps in the existing infrastructure based on business needs and suggest optimum architecture design, technology roadmap backed up with a solid TCO and ROI framework. Our experts in Desktop and Server virtualization architecture and design will help you maximize the benefits of virtualization to enable business agility, increase the availability of resources and applications and support the journey to cloud computing. It helps your organization pool and share IT resources in a way that reduces costs, makes your IT infrastructures more flexible and assures supply automatically meets demand. Contact Us to leverage the One Cloud advantage for your organization’s Assessment and Design needs.

System Integration

At One Cloud, we understand the need to adopt technology-driven business models to derive a competitive advantage. Our professional services use a pragmatic approach to build applications and infrastructure, which help address critical business needs. Customization and integration of different silo solutions into an integrated solution requires highly skilled professionals and project management capabilities. Our vendor-agnostic approach effectively delivers management of all dependencies to meet the desired business outcome. To ensure that maximum efficiency is achieved, our holistic project plan includes procedures, policies, roles and resources requirements, product recommendations and alternatives, risks and constraints, skilling and people enablement and adherence to international frameworks.

One Cloud teams are trained and certified for all the technologies that we work with and they work hand in hand with the team appointed by the client when it comes to integration of technology and documentation at all times staying true to agreed standards and operating procedures. The process of designing and execution is well documented and to ensure that the transition is smooth a thorough plan is worked upon to enable handover of control and management to the client. Contact Us to leverage the One Cloud advantage for your organization’s system integration needs.

Server Consolidation

Server Consolidation is an approach to the efficient use of computer server resources in order to reduce the total number of servers or server locations that an organization requires. The practice developed in response to the problem of server sprawl, a situation in which multiple, under-utilized servers take up more space and consume more resources than can be justified by their workload. According to Gartner Group Research survey, servers in many companies typically run at 15-20% of their capacity, which may not be a sustainable ratio in the current economic environment. Businesses are increasingly turning to server consolidation as one means of cutting unnecessary costs and maximizing return on investment (ROI) in the datacenter. 6% had conducted a server consolidation project, 61% were currently conducting one, and 28% were planning to do so in the immediate future. Server consolidation is a permanent solution for delivering better resource management, reducing number of servers, reducing energy bills for power and cooling, reducing maintenance costs, increasing availability, elimination of planned downtimes, mitigating risks related to unplanned downtimes and security hazards, reducing space requirements all ultimately resulting in lower costs and increased benefits.

Our trained, certified and skilled pool of resources can handle Server Consolidation from audit, design, implementation to maintenance and support. Contact Us to discuss how we can help reduce your server sprawl and consolidate your resources.

Optimize and Refresh

A reliable IT infrastructure with high availability is critical for the successful delivery of services that support enterprise business processes. To realize this objective, the IT department needs to address the availability as well as the fault and performance management of its IT infrastructure. Many enterprises find that their current infrastructure is non-reactive and unable to cope with increasing business demands. Accumulation of non-standardized infrastructure, resulting from uncoordinated investments and M&A, as well as the existence of multiple versions of operating systems and applications, hinders time to market and effective client service. In order to stay ahead of competition, enterprises must ensure that IT infrastructure remains responsive and optimized.

One Cloud's Infrastructure Optimization and Refresh services help clients optimize and standardize the enterprise IT infrastructure, resulting in leaner, scalable and efficient setup. We help enterprises transform their IT Infrastructure into a strategic asset and provide IT enterprises with much-needed agility and resilience that helps them respond to changing business needs. Our field-tested reusable tools and frameworks help us substantially improve average return on investment for our clients. By co-creating solutions with our clients and partners, we help improve user experience and agility, reduce the cost and complexity of technology and operations, and enable enterprises to stay ahead of the technology curve. We undertake Infrastructure Assessment, Infrastructure Rightsizing and Architecting, ITIL Strategy and Process Consulting, Performance and Capacity services, Management Services, Legacy Desktop Modernization and Directory Services Migration and Integration.

Monitoring and Management

One Cloud provides a traditional managed services model combined with the power of cloud to help manage your IT assets. Our experienced systems administrators, architects, and engineers monitor the deployments on a 24×7 basis. By using best of the breed tools for monitoring, alerting, change management, and altering, we provide you with support that is critical for your cloud deployments. We also provide facilities management services, remote infrastructure management services, and break-fix maintenance.

One Cloud’s asset, service, and device monitoring solutions provide smart, real-time control and analysis tools for IT decision makers and operational staff. Our solutions help clients monitor usage, availability, and performance of networks, devices, and application infrastructure. We roll up data into operational dashboards so users can visually monitor and manage events proactively and in real-time. We guaratee End-to-end visibility into entire enterprise operations, improved cost control and metering of recources, enhanced outage management and recovery times along with automated business processes using best practices for smarter decision making. Contact Us to leverage the One Cloud advantage for your organization’s Monitoring and Management needs.