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Healthcare Market Leader moves from Legacy Unstable Physical Setup to Highly Available Scalable Virtual Environment

One of our client who is a Market leader in Health Care products was facing the below challenges with its Business Environment.


  • The client was burdened with Legacy infrastructure that is not under and Warranty or AMC coverage.
  • The client’s In House applications were built on Legacy Operating systems and are not supported by existing Hardware available in the market.
  • The Development and Testing of these In House applications on newer versions of OS is in progress and the client cannot afford any downtimes it its current peak business period.
  • Few of these Legacy servers were facing Hardware issues and repair/ rebuild of these was posing unplanned outages leading to huge business loss.

The client wanted a solution that is as cost-effective as possible to enhance shareholder value and at the same time provides a powerful, efficient, scalable, and fault tolerant systems architecture. The client required a migration window as minimal as possible or better a zero downtime.


Based on the client’s requirements One Cloud decided to build a virtual environment that would be easily scalable and highly available. After analyzing the existing options in a vendor-agnostic way, we zeroed in VMware as it would help most effectively utilize the hardware through ways such as RAM/ CPU Overcommit, On-demand Storage Provisioning, Distributed Resource Scheduling (DRS) ad High Availability (HA). VMware was also chosen as it helped run legacy operating systems on existing hardware available in the market thereby helping the client run their In House applications effectively. We used VMware Physical to Virtual converter to migrate the physical machines to a virtual environment, thereby achieving zero downtime in most cases and a downtime of couple hours at maximum in some cases. Although VMware P2V Converter does not suggest migration of few legacy OS like Cent OS 4 & 5, One Cloud successfully converted these machines as well by deploying a few minor customizations of our own. We also provided training services to the client’s existing employees to be able to manage the new environment on their own.


End of the project and it’s another happy client! One Cloud successfully freed its client from the shackles of legacy infrastructure that was unstable, unreliable and was causing losses. The client now has a highly available, scalable and reliable infrastructure that helps move its business applications with efficiency and speed, all in a budget with minimal expenditure.