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Advantage One Cloud

Businesses today depend upon IT to drive innovation and accelerate past competitors. At the core of IT's challenges is a perennial cycle where the majority of budgets are consumed maintaining existing systems, leaving little to reinvest in growing the business. All around, cloud computing is enabling businesses to deliver new services, enter into new markets, get closer to customers, and make the increasingly mobile employees more productive. The most successful organizations use cloud technologies as a catalyst to put in place new systems and processes that free organizations to maximize not just operational metrics, but business results. It is the latest framework promising enterprises an enhanced performance, high scalability, mobility, agility, security and accessibility within their existing IT infrastructure. Cloud allows flexible, scalable infrastructures, metered service usage, improved communication and collaboration and efficient project development in private/public cloud.

These compelling benefits are key factors to what makes cloud technology revolutionary. Businesses can reduce IT capital expense (CapEx) investments, while gaining true agility—the ability to adopt new capabilities quickly—as well as the ability to use IT to drive fundamental business innovation, converting the investments into operational expense (OpEx). The company pays as and when it uses IT services, for exactly as much as it uses, in the cloud model. New businesses find this a very lucrative option, especially in growth economies, driving total cost of ownership (TCO) benefits over a period of time >30-45%.

While Cloud Computing provides enormous benefits in terms of scalability, responsiveness and cost-efficiency, the transformation to Cloud is a significant change that has great impact on the way the organization operates and the way services are delivered to the end-user. At One Cloud Solutions, we take care so that you will never have to face unexpected issues along the way. Our operations are carried out to always ensure that the key pitfalls are taken care of for a successful implementation. We provide the entire spectrum of services that enable a fruitful Cloud transformation Journey to the Client encompassing Consulting, Design, Implementation and Support. We implement the entire Cloud consultation lifecycle as below -

  • Assess the viability and feasibility of business requirements tied to private, public and hybrid Clouds and identify the right format
  • Balance & integrate current infrastructure and capabilities with that of the Cloud based solutions
  • Analyze and Mitigate all security and compliance issues around storing, accessing and sharing data and ensure minimal business continuity risk
  • Ensure availability of right skills and resources to implement a time and budget efficient solution
  • Adopt an End-to-End Vendor Agnostic approach with sole focus on client sustenance and growth
  • Develop and propagate organization wide change strategy to ensure smooth and aligned cloud adoption
  • Provide overall IT management and governance with comprehensive staff training and transition

Service Models

Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS)

Infrastructure as a service (IaaS) enables businesses to move information from on-site servers into the Cloud. It provides a remote virtual hosting server for file storage, as it enables a user to save all of their file types in a virtual host and retrieve them from anywhere with an internet connection. Examples of IaaS are Google Compute Engine, Google Cloud Storage and Google Big Query. The advantages of these virtual resources over traditional on-premise resources are:

  • On demand and elastic services—quickly scale up or down
  • Self-service, automated provisioning and de-provisioning
  • Reduced costs from economies of scale and resource pooling
  • Pay-for-use—costs based on metered service usage

One Cloud can help your organization do an internal audit to identify the need for IaaS services and plan your shift and ideal platform in a vendor agnositc manner. Our IaaS migration services include porting on-premise applications to cloud platforms like Amazon, Azure, or our own private cloud in a phased manner. Contact Us to know more about how we can help your organization make the transition to IaaS.

Platform as a Service (PaaS)

Platform as a service (PaaS) is the platform that hosts applications provided in software as a service. PaaS provides all the infrastructure needed to run applications over the Internet, and is delivered in the same way as a utility like electricity or water. Users simply “tap in” and take what they need without worrying about the complexity behind the scenes. And like a utility, PaaS is based on a metering or subscription model so users only pay for what they use. Examples of PaaS are Google App Engine, Force.com and Heroku. PaaS provides everything required to support the complete lifecycle of building and delivering web-based applications without the cost and complexity of buying and managing the underlying hardware, software, provisioning and hosting. The advantages of using PaaS instead of on-premise setup are –

  • Develop applications and get to market faster
  • Deploy new web applications to the cloud in minutes
  • Reduced costs from economies of scale and resource pooling
  • Reduce complexity with middleware as a service

One Cloud can help your organization identify, evaluate and finalize the ideal platform suitable to your needs in a vendor agnositc manner. Contact Us to know more about how we can help your organization make the transition to PaaS.

Software as a Service (SaaS)

Software as a service (SaaS) is aptly referred to as software “on demand.” SaaS solutions offer subscription-based access to enterprise applications that service a vast range of functions and departmental needs and are hosted securely in cloud data centers. Organizations that operate on SaaS solutions such as Google Apps and salesforce.com are no longer burdened with the time-consuming and costly task of managing software updates, security patches and a host of other administrative duties for on-premise software solutions. SaaS ensures that these tasks are managed quickly, efficiently and affordably on the back-end so that IT teams have more time to work on projects that propel the business forward. The advantages of using SaaS instead of managing software on-premise are –

  • Sign up and start using Cloud Apps in minutes
  • Apps and data are accessible from any connected computer
  • No data is lost if your computer breaks, as data is in the cloud

We bring our expertise of migrating and managing cloud applications to help you refactor your SaaS applications. We analyse the data tier, business logic tier and presentation tier to optimize them for the cloud. This will enable your applications to take advantage of the cloud platform. Contact Us to know more about how we can help your organization start using SaaS

Deployment Models

Public Cloud

Public clouds are owned and operated by companies that use them to offer rapid access to affordable computing resources to other organizations or individuals. With public cloud services, users don’t need to purchase hardware, software or supporting infrastructure, which is owned and managed by providers. Many businesses are using SaaS delivered from the public cloud for applications ranging from CRM, such as Salesforce.com to transaction management and data analytics. Beyond SaaS applications, companies are using other public cloud services, including IaaS to add more storage or compute services on a moment’s notice, and PaaS for cloud-based application development and deployment environments.

One Cloud offers customized solutions for public cloud implementation to organizations looking to adopt public cloud strategy. Contact Us to know more about how we can help your organization make the transition to Public Cloud.

Private Cloud

A private cloud is owned and operated by a single company that controls the way virtualized resources and automated services are customized and used by various lines of business and constituent groups. Private clouds exist to take advantage of many of cloud’s efficiencies, while providing more control of resources and steering clear of multi-tenancy. Private cloud implementation changes the way the organization consumes IT Services by creating a layer of on demand service for multiple IT Resources within the data center. This allows the datacenter to offer true infrastructure service capability as well as optimally managed application services all the while with increased efficiency, agility, security and control.

One Cloud offers private cloud Solutions built on customized frameworks based on VMware, OpenStack, CloudStack, Eucalyptus etc. Contact Us to know more about how we can help your organization move to Private Cloud.

Hybrid Cloud

A hybrid cloud uses a private cloud foundation combined with the strategic use of public cloud services. Most companies with private clouds will evolve to manage workloads across data centers, private clouds and public clouds—thereby creating hybrid clouds. Evolving to a hybrid cloud strategy will allow companies to keep critical line of business applications and sensitive data in a traditional data center environment or private cloud, while also taking advantage of public cloud resources like SaaS for the latest applications and IaaS for elastic, economical virtual resources to scale. The ability to efficiently and securely manage this combination of public and private cloud services as a single unified computing environment is the key capability to fully taking advantage of the cloud.

Our vast experience on Cloud helps efficiently evaluate, plan, pilot, architect, configure, implement and manage solutions in a vendor agnostic way. As a system Integrator and a Solution Advisor, we help you adopt and achieve the right cloud strategy for your organization. Contact Us to know more about how we can help your organization make the most of Hybrid Cloud.

vCloud Director


VMware vCloud Director is a software solution that enables enterprises to build secure, multi-tenant private clouds by pooling infrastructure resources into virtual datacenters and exposing them to users through Web-based portals and programmatic interfaces as fully automated, catalog-based services. By building secure and cost-effective private clouds with VMware vSphere and VMware vCloud Director, internal IT organizations can act as true service providers for the businesses they support, driving innovation and agility while increasing IT efficiency and enhancing security.

One Cloud will show a Proof of Concept with vCloud Director that is designed for developing organizations wanting to optimize their software development and test infrastructure by speeding cycle times, cutting costs and increasing the quality of delivered software systems. This proof of concept installation will help you get started quickly and understand the capabilities of VMware vCloud Director. A VMware Certified Professional from One Cloud will plan and design a VMware vCloud Director implementation to meet your needs for server consolidation and server containment. At the end of the engagement, you will have a comprehensive logical architectural design for VMware vCloud Director that addresses your requirements, and leverages VMware best practices. Contact Us to know more about how we can help your organization with vCloud technology.


OpenStack is an open source framework designed to facilitate the construction and automation of private and public clouds. First initiated through the joint efforts of Rackspace and NASA, OpenStack has become one of the most active and vibrant open source projects in the cloud computing market. Whether your cloud is private or public, whether your goals are tied to ongoing operations or forward-looking capabilities, One Cloud gives you the speed and confidence you need to get rolling with OpenStack. Our deep expertise in the OpenStack ecosystem and development process builds you a working platform in weeks, not months. We validate and stream in the latest innovations from the OpenStack project through well-managed updates and upgrades to your open source cloud, and keep your staff up to date with a range of training offerings. We give our customers Open Stack cloud deployments built to stay current and well-integrated in the following manner –

  • production-grade OpenStack in days, using one of many verified OpenStack deployment configurations available
  • systems integration services to tune OpenStack environment for your particular use case
  • Train your operations staff through our top-selling public or private OpenStack course offerings
  • Support and help operate your OpenStack infrastructure

Our proven Openstack experts will help with the assessment of your business needs and deliver a solution to meet your business requirements. One Cloud can design an Agile infrastructure that will help you stay ahead of your competitors. We shorten the time it takes you to bring your Openstack services to production. Contact Us to know more about how we can help your organization with OpenStack technology.


Apache CloudStack is open source software designed to deploy and manage large networks of virtual machines, as a highly available, highly scalable Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) cloud computing platform. CloudStack is used by a number of service providers to offer public cloud services, and by many companies to provide on-premise private cloud offering, or as part of a hybrid cloud solution. CloudStack is a multi-hypervisor, multi-tenant, high-availability Infrastructure as a Service cloud management platform. Cloudstack is hypervisor agnostic, supporting VMware, Oracle VM, KVM, XenServer and Xen Cloud Platform. This gives Cloudstack a unique position in the market, it is not proprietary technology and is not tied to any specific infrastructure. Cloudstack can also orchestrate the non-technical elements of service delivery such as billing and metering. It presents a range of API’s, allowing it to be integrated with any other platforms.

One Cloud combines its deep skills in Apache CloudStack with extensive experience to build private, public and hybrid clouds suitable to your needs. Contact Us to know more about how we can help your organization with CloudStack technology.


Elastic Computing Architecture for Linking Your Programs to Useful Systems (Eucalyptus) is open source computer software for building Amazon Web Services (AWS) compatible private and hybrid cloud computing environments marketed by the company Eucalyptus Systems. Eucalyptus enables pooling compute, storage, and network resources that can be dynamically scaled up or down as application workloads change. Eucalytus exposes its functionality of cloud management and control via web based interfaces allowing the applications and users using the cloud to seemlessly manage with the cloud infrastructure based on varying business needs. The product is open source and allows building Linux image based clouds on top of common virtualization options.

One Cloud experts can help build Eucalyptus for your AWS needs with our extensive experience. Contact Us to know more about how we can help your organization with Eucalyptus technology.